Latin Market Advice and Media Planning

The biggest mistake that a company makes is to view the US Latino market as homogeneous.

We are Latinos and can help you reaching Latino customers for your product or service with the right strategy and appropriate media plan.

Creative Concepts

Hispanics are more relationship-oriented and less transactional. They want to feel comfortable with the sales or customer-service person and feel like they got the time they needed to gather information and get all their questions answered.

We can create your specific campaign with an original Latino creative concept.

Radio & TV Spots Production

We make cost-effective production of television and radio commercials. TV programs, Infomercials, Corporate presentations and Events video recording.

General Media creative translations

Make no mistake; direct translations and usage of general market strategies miss the emotional and culturally relevant elements of Latinos sensitivity.

We can translate your current English TV, radio or print commercial to Spanish with a sensitive and cultural point of view.

Additional Services

Original Latin Music Production